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Visit Royal Deeside – 2016 News updates


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Royal Deeside and its villages have been very much in the news in the last few days with dramatic pictures of flooded homes and roads swept away. It is a really tough time for many families and some businesses and the impact on these people must not be underestimated. Several appeals are set up to really help in a practical way, check with Visit Ballater, Visit Braemar and Fish Dee as to their local updates and fundraising plans. There is no need to be put off your trip to Royal Deeside and Aberdeenshire, simply call your chosen accommodation provider and check on the best routes to take and if you should bring any extra supplies for self catering. You will never be more welcome in Royal Deeside than now and you’ll love the great community spirit.

Travelling to Royal Deeside and Aberdeenshire

Please get current road and weather conditions from the following organisations.

North East Police Division on Facebook , Traffic Scotland on Twitter #ABZTravel  Aberdeenshire Council and Sepa for Flood updates.

Flood updates.